The Shoreside Visitation

by David Colohan



Now compiled with the other Visitations at ...

'Must admit that I’m a little disappointed in myself for missing the previous ‘visitations’ in this series, this being the fourth entitled ‘the Shoreside Visitation’. Collecting together a quintet of softly serene suites, it was ‘at the mouth of all rivers’ which piqued our initial interest when checking the track listing on pre-playing, guest vocals by Dom Cooper, of course fresh from his appearance with Zosia Sztykowsk on that imminent ‘a quietened journey’ set through the a year in the country folk. Beautifully choreographed yet forlornly bruised there’s no escaping the ache that glides to rest upon this most tearful and wounded of listening moments, a gracefall glacial shrouded in a silently withdrawn haloing whose fading glimmer dims with each passing pause as it departs into the ethereal mist to rest with the softly solemn sighs of Mr Cooper leading from the front. That said by our much humbled reckoning, it’s ‘phantom signal’ that provides the pick of the pack, an entrancing eerie strangely absent from that aforementioned A Year in the Country gathering, not least because its haunting and nostalgic call signs are bathed with a glow of regret and solace
that perfectly captures the stilled, quiet majesty of the land whilst simultaneously serving as their song of neglect.'


released November 21, 2019

Fourth in the Visitations series.

The cover photo was taken at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.

Recorded using...

Eminent T260 Organ
Korg MS-20 Mini
Mellotron M4000D
Microkorg XL+
Yamaha DX-7

Dom Cooper lends his voice to At The Mouth Of All Rivers.

Thanks to Bart De Paepe for the use of his Eminent T260.

Recorded during 2019 in Ballymahon, Stekene & London.


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David Colohan Ireland

'An eerie loveliness that should really be soundtracking a Werner Herzog film; indeed Popol Vuh’s work provides a useful reference point as, similar to Vuh, the music herein is almost religious in its solemnity and grace.' The Active Listener

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