1. West Riding Twilight

  2. Lunistice

  3. Stanton Drew Ascension

  4. Practice Freedom

  5. In Landen

  6. A Map Of Where The Leaves Fall First

  7. Inland Navigation - A Royal Canal Soundmap

  8. Sargasso Sky

  9. Dawn, North Paterson

  10. The Pinnacles

  11. Black Bone Rosary
    Raising Holy Sparks

  12. Dusk, North Paterson

  13. Night, North Paterson

  14. Small Moves, Ellie, Small Moves

  15. Wells Cathedral Morning

  16. Darlington Point

  17. Kata Tjuṯa

  18. Visitations

  19. Walking Ghost Phase

  20. Between Trees & Starlike

  21. The Way Station Vol. I

  22. The Way Station Vol. II

  23. Another Life In Another World
    Agitated Radio Pilot

  24. Arc Of A Snowfall

  25. Prosperpolder

  26. A Melbourne Nocturne

  27. Hill Of The Moon

  28. And You Will Face The Sea Of Darkness, And All Therein That May Be Explored

  29. Hope Can Be A Barrier To Action

  30. Search For The Vanished Heaven
    Raising Holy Sparks

  31. For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water
    Raising Holy Sparks

  32. A Mendicant Hymnal
    Raising Holy Sparks

  33. In Praise Of Monkeywrenching
    Raising Holy Sparks

  34. Four Sacred Mountains
    Raising Holy Sparks

  35. Bright Angel Trail
    Raising Holy Sparks

  36. Cape Tribulation
    Raising Holy Sparks

  37. The White Road
    Raising Holy Sparks

  38. The Observance Of Holy Days
    Raising Holy Sparks

  39. Sadhu
    Raising Holy Sparks

  40. Past Life Regression Temples
    Raising Holy Sparks

  41. Trances Of The Blast
    Raising Holy Sparks

  42. Old Times & End Times
    Raising Holy Sparks

  43. Era Of Manifestations
    Raising Holy Sparks

  44. Agricultural Light & Magick Vol. XIII - Tor Ist Das
    Raising Holy Sparks

  45. The Soup & The Shilling
    The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree

  46. 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky
    Look To The North

  47. You're A Séance, Old North
    Look To The North

  48. Early In The Spring, Late In The Fall

  49. Our Throats, Like Valleys

  50. Taskerlands

  51. The Riverside Visitation

  52. The Shoreside Visitation

  53. The Roadside Visitation

  54. The Hillside Visitation


David Colohan Ireland

'An eerie loveliness that should really be soundtracking a Werner Herzog film; indeed Popol Vuh’s work provides a useful reference point as, similar to Vuh, the music herein is almost religious in its solemnity and grace.' The Active Listener

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